Addiction Therapy Programs in Findlay, OH

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be incredibly difficult for a person to beat. While many people try to beat addiction on their own, detox and rehab programs have a higher success rate for most individuals. After initial treatment though, addiction therapy programs in Findlay can further aid in your recovery.

The fact is that most people simply don't take on more help once they leave rehab. For some, meetings are in the cards for a few months, but after that, most people shoulder the burden of staying clean and sober completely alone.

Unfortunately, staying clean and sober without the support of others can be very hard to do. Having a reliable support system is crucial during recovery -- especially in the beginning. That's why therapy programs for addiction have become popular alternatives to taking on the weight of addiction alone.

Keep reading to learn more about our addiction therapy programs in Findlay and how they can help you. While there are many out there, our drug rehab in Findlay has the best programs that will help you in the long-term fight against addiction.

What is Addiction?

Defining addiction can be incredibly tough. For doctors, the definition is constantly changing and evolving. For addicts, understanding the true nature of addiction and how it impacts you can be a lifelong pursuit.

There are some basic criteria to meet what can be labeled an addiction however. The most common signs of addiction include:

  • Tolerance to drugs or alcohol. In most cases, an addict will continue to use more and more of a substance over time to get the same euphoric effects.
  • Withdrawal when you stop using you substance of choice. Emotional effects like mood swings, depression and anxiety. Physical issues like hand tremors, nausea, sweating or vomiting are common as well.
  • Continued use even after poor results follow. Many people continue to drink or use drugs are getting DUIs, losing their job or facing family difficulties that are hard to recover from because they are addicted.
  • The inability to control your drinking or drug habit.
  • A desire to stop drinking or using drugs. Many people want to stop but feel unable to do so.

In general, individuals need to meet at least three of the criteria to be considered addicts. However, this does vary from person to person, and in some cases, fewer symptoms with more severity can result in a true addiction issue.

For those with substance abuse issues, getting an evaluation through our qualified addiction therapy programs in Findlay can help tremendously.

Types of Therapy

Trying to control your addiction on your own may result in relapse even if you have willpower that very few have. Willpower simply isn't the issue for most people. Addiction therapy programs in Findlay can help you from relapsing.

Involved in our treatment therapies is our program for relapse prevention in Findlay, which provides addicts with the tools on developing coping skills so that they can deal with everyday life situations without substance abuse.

Among the most common addiction therapy programs for addiction, you will find three main types.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is one of the most common addiction therapy programs that you're going to find. In fact, many people have heard of it, though not everybody understands what it is or what these therapy programs aim to do.

Art therapy uses creative tasks like painting, sculpture, drawing or music to help people better understand their feelings and cope with negative feelings that caused them to use in the first place. For many people, art therapy is ideal after a traumatic event since it can be soothing and somewhat solitary.

The concept of art therapy can also be appealing to individuals who have a hard time expressing feelings or emotions about their drug and alcohol abuse in words.

12-Step Programs

12-step programs are well-known throughout the US, and these programs aim for full recovery without relapse. In general, 12-step programs use a structured plan to help addicts become a better version of themselves.

12-step programs often include tasks and actions that help relieve the burden of a former addiction. For some people, 12-step programs become part of daily maintenance unlike addiction therapy programs that only last a short period of time.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a simple concept, but few people recognize its power. During individual counseling, an addict sees a therapist regularly to talk about their feelings and help them cope.

In many cases, the counselor involved is one that understands addiction. Talk-based exercises like individual counseling can be used alongside other forms of addiction therapy programs in Findlay like art therapy.

No matter what kind of addiction you're suffering from or trying to keep under control, addiction therapy programs in Findlay can help. There's simply no reason to take on the burden of addiction alone when there are options out there to help. Call us today at (877) 804-1531 to learn more about our addiction treatment facility and what we offer.

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