Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Findlay, OH

Alcohol or drug addiction can take hold quickly, and once a problem has reached a boiling point, it can be hard for an addict to get clean and sober on their own. When mental health issues also play a role in addiction, getting help is even harder. Dual diagnosis treatment in Findlay can help addicts suffering from those problems.

The fact is, that mental health issues and alcoholism or drug abuse often go hand-in-hand. While one is certainly not a precursor for the other, many people suffering from mental health issues find themselves using and abusing substances later in life.

Help is out there for individuals with mental health disorders and drug abuse issues. Seeking a qualified dual diagnosis treatment center is the best bet for anybody suffering from this problematic issue. Our drug rehab in Findlay places a major importance on dual diagnosis treatment, as our treatment methods have been proven to work tremendously.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis is almost exactly what it sounds like -- a diagnosis of a problem that involves two factors. In this case, dual diagnosis refers to a combination of alcohol or drug addiction and a mental health disorder.

For many people, mental health disorders are developed early in life. For some people, diagnosis is achieved early on, but alcoholism or drug addiction can come on later. Others may go years with a mental health disorder without realizing they have something abnormal going on in their brains.

A dual diagnosis in Findlay can be frightening for a sufferer, but there are options out there. By finding the right dual diagnosis treatment center, you can get the help you need for addiction and mental health issues so you can live a clean, sober, and happy life.

Types of Mental Health Disorders

The fact is, that all sorts of people can be impacted by mental health disorders, and not all of them lead to addiction issues. Addiction often occurs on a case-by-case basis, and when you enter a dual diagnosis treatment center, your case will be evaluated as such. However, there are some mental health disorders that often lead to dual diagnosis treatment in Findlay.

Common mental health disorders that lead to alcohol or drug addiction include:

  • Many people try to mask the symptoms of depression with drugs and alcohol. Over time, social use becomes addiction and many people are unable to get themselves out of the cycle of abuse.
  • Many people find that anxiety issues are lessened when they are drinking alcohol or using drugs. Recreational use often turns into long-term use that requires professional treatment.
  • Personality Disorders. Individuals with personality disorders often begin abusing drugs and alcohol as a way to cope their feelings. For many of these people, personality disorders are kept under control in social situations through the use of alcohol. Over time, dependence takes hold and dual diagnosis treatment programs can help.
  • Complicated feelings related to schizophrenia can cause many people to abuse drugs and alcohol. Individuals with schizophrenia have some of the highest drug and alcohol abuse rates. Many try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol before realizing they need help through dual diagnosis treatment programs.

These are just a few of the common mental health disorders that can lead to alcohol or drug addiction. A dual diagnosis treatment center in Findlay can help you understand more about your mental health disorder and your addiction issues, as well as how to control them once you leave treatment.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Necessary?

Dual diagnosis treatment programs can help you understand your addiction. They can also help you cope with mental health disorders; ones that you've likely been living with for years even if you weren't aware of it.

More importantly, dual diagnosis treatment in Findlay can help you understand how mental health disorders and addiction can go hand-in-hand for many people. By understanding that, you'll have better control over your mental health and will prevent you from a relapse. Through our program for relapse prevention in Findlay, addicts with a dual diagnosis will be provided with tools on how to cope with their condition without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

The main benefit of dual diagnosis treatment programs, is that they will help you better understand both your addiction and your mental health disorder. From there, you can begin to get clean and sober and handle mental health issues without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Many dual diagnosis treatment centers can also help with medication and ongoing maintenance. For many people, medication means the difference between a healthy life and one that's riddled with addiction. Call us at (877) 804-1531 to learn more about our addiction therapy programs in Findlay and determine if Findlay Drug Treatment Centers is the right place for you.

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