Opiate Addiction in Findlay, OH

Opiate addiction impacts between 26 million and 36 million people annually, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The fact is, that opiate addiction in Findlay is a major problem despite the national averages.

Trying to beat opiate addiction on your own is nearly impossible though, and in many cases, it can be unsafe. That's especially true if you've got a long-term addiction where you have been abusing opiates for years. Even short-term heavy users can be at risk when they suddenly try to stop using overnight without help.

Overcoming opiate addiction is possible, however. Seeking treatment for opiate addiction is the first step. No matter how hard it may seem today, you will look back on getting treatment as one of the best things you ever did with your life.

What is Opiate Addiction?

Opiate addiction is a specific issue that is unlike many other addictions. The truth is that other types of addiction, like alcohol addiction for example, are often not as dangerous in the short-term.

Opiate addiction relates to physical dependence on illegal drugs like heroin or prescription drugs that are taken at a higher rate than prescribed. In many cases, these prescription drugs are used legally for a short period of time before addiction sets in and the user needs to buy drugs illegally to support their habit.

Commonly, many addicts begin taking opiates when prescribed by a doctor and then continue taking them after the prescription has run out. When the prices of prescription opiates on the illegal market are too high, many turn to the more dangerous illegal opiates like heroin to avoid withdrawal. Our center for medical detox in Findlay has the best team of medical professionals that monitor the patient so that they are safe and comfortable throughout the detox process.

While opiate addiction in Findlay is a major problem, the fact is that it doesn't have to be a lifelong curse. You can beat opiate addiction by getting treatment from a reputable opiate addiction rehab facility.

Dangers of Opiate Addiction

Opiates are among the most dangerous drugs because they can quickly lead to respiratory failure. As addiction builds, most people have to take more and more of the particular drug that they are using to get the same effects.

When it comes to illegal drugs, there is also a major issue when it comes to quality control. In these cases, users simply can't know what they're consuming or how powerful the drugs they are using are. Even experienced users can suffer from an overdose, and the consequences can be very severe.

Findlay in particular, prescription opiate drugs are abused at a very high rate. While prescription drugs are controlled by the manufacturer, most users don't take drugs responsibly once they become addicted. Like illegal drugs, prescription opiates can quickly lead to overdose when they are abused. Findlay residents are among the individuals potentially at risk when abusing drugs.

For many users, treatment for opiate addiction is the right choice to beat this terrible drug. It may take time to get clean and sober for good, but it is possible with the right opiate addiction treatment at our drug rehab in Findlay.

Opiate addiction in Findlay can take a major toll on users. The problem is that not everybody who is experiencing addiction understands that they're an addict.

Common signs and symptoms of opiate addiction include:

  • Taking more opiates than before. Addicts quickly build a tolerance to opiates, forcing them to take higher quantities every time they use.
  • Using prescription drugs after an initial course of treatment. Many addicts seek prescription drugs through doctors. When unable to get a valid prescription, addicts often seek illegally sold drugs.
  • Fear of being without opiates for any length of time. Addicts often feel uncomfortable when they do not have drugs on hand, even if they are not planning to use at the time.
  • Taking drugs or being high at inappropriate times. When driving, with children or at work are not uncommon times for addicts to be high.
  • Using drugs every day. Most addicts need to take drugs simply to feel normal once they become physically dependent.

These are just a few of the most common signs and symptoms that you may have an opiate addiction in Findlay. If you have any of these symptoms, seek treatment through an opiate addiction rehab facility.

Getting help can be hard, but there is treatment for opiate addiction out there that can help you turn your life around for good. Call us at (877) 804-1531 to discuss our addiction therapy programs in Findlay with one of our addiction specialists.

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