Drug Intervention in Findlay, OH

Drug addiction is an awful disease that nobody would wish on their worst enemy. When it's happening to a friend, family member, or co-worker that you care about, there's a good chance that it's doing some harm to you emotionally as well. Drug intervention in Findlay can help you help them turn their lives around though.

The fact is, that you can't force a person to quit using drugs, but you can help point them in the right direction. You can also show them that you care too much about them to let them continue to abuse drugs without trying to help.

One of the best ways to do this is to hold a drug intervention with people that care about an addict present. You likely aren't too familiar with how an intervention is held, so use this guide to learn more about how they work and how truly effective they can be.

Properly planned, a drug intervention in Findlay may help save the life of an addict who couldn't save their own. Our drug rehab in Findlay provides guidance on how to effectively stage an intervention to better convince your addicted loved one to seek the help that they so desperately need.

What is an Intervention?

Drug intervention for addiction isn't a new concept, but most people simply don't know too much about the process. While television shows about addiction have shed some light on the whole concept, holding one is very different when you're dealing with an addict that you care about.

A drug intervention for addiction, in the simplest terms, is a meeting designed to show support for an addict. In these meetings, the end goal is usually to help the addict find a treatment plan that works to help them get clean and sober.

While many people focus on aspects of intervention like ultimatums and cutting people off if they don't change their lives and patterns of addiction, consequences aren't always the main goal of an intervention. In the end, the goal of your intervention will be up to you and the counselor that you work with.

How to Stage an Intervention

Staging an intervention isn't as simple as getting a group of friends together, sitting the addict down on the couch, and telling them all of your feelings. The truth is, that a drug intervention in Findlay needs to be well-organized if it's going to be effective at all.

The first step toward an organized, effective intervention is hiring a counselor who understands how to plan an intervention the right way. By doing this, you'll have somebody to guide you through what can be a process full of fear and negative feelings.

Once you find the right counselor to help you stage an intervention, you'll need to hold a meeting with him or her to figure out when and how the intervention will be staged. You will need to give details of the person's addiction, so make sure you keep notes before this meeting- need be.

You'll also talk about treatment options and how you want to seek help for the addict in your life. Whether or not they get treatment isn't up to you in the end, it is up to the addict to agree to it. Having a qualified counselor to help with treatment plans is essential, as they may be able to better represent the outcome of treatment and how it will work for them.

With the right counselor, you may be able to get the addict that you care about into rehab the same day or week as the intervention. When it comes to serious drug abuse, this is the best type of drug intervention for addiction that you can hold.

Who Should Be Involved in an Intervention?

Holding a drug intervention in Findlay can be a scary process. If you've never even been involved in an intervention before -- which isn't at all uncommon for the average person -- you probably don't know exactly what to expect. Having a qualified counselor on your side will help prepare you.

When it comes to who to invite to an intervention, the lines are often blurred. For some families and groups of friends, certain people will obviously be present, including parents, spouses, and close friends. Only positive influences who truly care about the addict should be present. Not old using/drinking buddies.

Individuals that are a negative influence on an addict may need to be excluded from a drug intervention for addiction. Before you hold an intervention, make a list of people you want to invite and discuss each of them in detail with the counselor you're working with.

They will let you know if there is a conflict of interest and if the presence of an individual may harm the drug intervention process. Call us now at (877) 804-1531 to learn about our addiction treatment programs in Findlay and to speak with a certified addiction specialist about our treatment options.

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