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The National Institutes of Health defines addiction to opiates and other drugs as a chronic, relapsing brain disease with a wide range of serious medical consequences. Chronic drug use will cause serious disruptions in brain circuitry and cells that trigger addiction. This disease is demonstrated by compulsive drug seeking and using that is difficult to control. While the initial choice to use drugs is a voluntary one, repeated drug use will lead to changes within the brain that will interfere with the individual's self control and ability to resist powerful urges to take drugs. These brain changes reoccur often, which is why drug addiction is classified as a relapsing disease. Those suffering from heroin or opiate addiction are in need of heroin addiction rehab centers Findlay to assist them with becoming sober and learning the tools they need to regain their self-control and the ability to resist intense urges to use drugs. Findlay heroin addiction recovery programs offer the best chances for recovery from opiate addiction.

Opiates suppress the brain stem, which is the part of the brain that regulates breathing as well as your heartbeat. Overdoses from heroin occur when the heart stops from lack of breathing. Here are some other facts about heroin abuse:

  • Because heroin is so addictive, the average heroin addict uses between four and six times per day in order to maintain a high and avoid becoming ill.
  • Heroin users' mortality rate is 63 times greater than other drug users who do not use heroin.
  • Heroin abuse is on the rise among middle class groups and younger individuals.
  • Those who abuse painkillers may transition to heroin because it is actually less expensive and easier to get.
  • The death rate of heroin users has risen in the last 12 to 15 years, and it is comparable to the increased use of opiate-based prescription painkillers.

Heroin and opiate addiction is a serious burden in addition to being a chronic disease. Addicts often feel helpless and simply cannot quit using without the help of an opiate rehab center. When addicts make the commitment to get sober and enlist the help of heroin addiction rehab centers Findlay, they can look forward to receiving highly specialized care that is customized to address each patient's particular addiction as well as any other underlying health issues. Patients in a Findlay heroin addiction recovery facility will benefit from the following key components that are make our drug addiction treatment programs so successful:

  • Physicians, nurses, and other top rated medical professionals such as therapists and licensed mental health counselors are on hand to work with patients daily. The Findlay heroin addiction recovery team consists of experts in addiction medicine and psychology. Our team is proficient in understanding the challenges associated with addiction.
  • Heroin addiction rehab centers Findlay are equipped to provide various types of care for patients suffering from drug or alcohol addiction as well as for those who suffer from additional health conditions, such as mental illness or disorders.
  • Heroin addiction rehab centers Findlay are equipped to offer medically monitored and supervised detox in an environment that is safe and comfortable for patients to go through withdrawal and receive drug therapies. This is the first step in the recovery process. The patient's best chance for a successful recovery is then followed by enrollment in our inpatient opiate rehab center. The Findlay heroin addiction recovery team is knowledgeable in dealing with complex cases, dual diagnoses, and multiple substance abusers. In this stage of treatment, patients undergo intense behavioral therapy and begin to rebuild their lives by acquiring the tools they need to live a productive, sober existence.

Heroin addiction rehab centers Findlay provides patients with effective, customized treatment plans during their stay at our opiate rehab center. Our expert team also develops aftercare treatment options for patients upon completion of their residential programs. These aftercare treatment options assist in sustaining long-term recovery. Commit to reclaiming a sober life now at a Findlay heroin addiction recovery facility. Call and speak with one of our licensed counselors at (567)-749-3068 and make the first step in your recovery.









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